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Exciting new product launch from K-Tuned! Their brand new line of high performance suspension will be ready to the shelves shortly. 4 models will be available:

K-Tuned Suspension

K1-Low for those that want to run slammed.
K1-Street for a nice balance of a street stance with enthusiastic driving.
K2-Drag optimizes it’s damper and spring rates to help you put the power down on the straights.
K2-Race which is for straight track/competition purposes.

Available for 92-00 Civics / 94-01 Integra / RSX / EP3 / 8th & 9th Gen Civics. We are taking pre-orders today. Come see us for pricing!

Are you looking to do a Flashpro Tune for your Honda and don’t want to spend all that money for the Flashpro device you’ll only use once?

Hondata Flashpro

We have the solution for you! We now offer the Flashpro tunes (both performance maps & custom dyno tunes) at a heavily reduced price! How it works: Purchase a Flashpro license from us, decide whether you want a tuned basemap or a full dyno tune. That’s all there is to it! No need to pay extra for the Flashpro device you’ll hardly use. We do the tuning on our Master Dealer Flashpro. Contact us for pricing and details.


Our customer’s “Godzilla” 3.2L Stroker 1,600 WHP capable R32 GTR.

Nissan Skyline GTR R32

Anthony Deguzman’s SEMA 2014 Trophy Winning Supra laying down some big numbers on our dyno. Book your dyno tuning appointment today!

Anthony Deguzman Toyota Supra SEMA

This SMY ClusterMaker Gauge Pod setup replaces the factory cluster bezel with a NEW Bezel that holds 2 52mm Gauge Pods. Made from an Aluminum Injection Mold. Clusters are made with 100% ABS plastic, it is stronger than the OEM piece it replaces. The color matches perfectly to the OEM bezel it replaces. Each pod is made 2mm larger then standard 52mm pods to allow air to flow and longevity of your Gauges. Each dual gauge pod will be supplied with 2 specially designed bands the compisate for the larger pods and hold your gauges very tight in the pods.




Key Features:
– ALL OEM mounting tabs & Locations for that perfect fit.
– 52mm Gauge Pods
– OEM Color & Finish
– Comes with 2 Specially designed Bands to hold your Gauges in the pods securely.
– Fits Gauges up to 2 1/4″ deep (brackets can be removed from Gauges they are not needed for these pods)
– Withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees.

2015+ WRX
2015+ STI
2014+ Forester
2013+ CrossTrek
2013+ Impreza

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