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With such a strong demand in Skunk2 products for Honda/Acuras, we’re running a short time promotion on ALL SKUNK2 Products! We’re giving extremely deep discounts on all items both in stock and special order.

Skunk2 Super Sale

Due to our VERY competitive pricing with this promotion, we are only giving prices in-store at the moment.


Until March 15th we are running a promotion on F2 Autolife (Function/Form) Type I coilovers for most Civics and Integras. F2 Coilovers ride smooth and can drop your ride from a mild ride height to slammed.

F2 Function Form Coilovers

XXR has released two new wheels for this upcoming season. The first wheel, the 527, promotes a deep concave design that is an original design to XXR. The second wheel wheel, the 526, offers a large and deep polished lip.

XXR 526 / XXR 527 Wheels

XXR 527: Super Stretch

  • All new deep concave wheel design featuring the most unique wheel widths on the market.
  • Extra wide wheel width and precise offset pairing allow for massive tire stretch fitment.
  • Super light weight multi spoke design with major X-Factor property to clear large break calipers on all cars including EVO and STI.
  • Available in Gold, Matte Black and Chromium Black.

XXR 526: Hundred Dollar Deep

  • Extreme widths featuring the latest in technologically advanced XDP chrome lip design.
  • Two-piece construction technology.
  • Triple plated chrome lip.
  • Maximum staggered sizes include a 5.5 inch lip.
  • Wheel offsets are carefully calculated to coincide with the specific wheel size to ensure a true flush fitment.

We are taking pre-orders for these two wheels AND will be throwing in free Drop Engineering Lug nuts at no additional charge with every order.

New Wheels

We’ve been busy the past couple of months doing orders on custom wheels and restocking our inventory for the summer season.

If there are any wheels you like in our gallery or would like to consider ordering, it’s still not too late! We can still get many of the top-end Japanese brand manufacturers for this upcoming summer. We can also provide quality wheels for budget conscious tuners such as XXR, DRAG, Konig, Tenzo R, GP Racing and much more.

Get the flash player here:

We can also help with wheel fitment, tire selections and suspension setups. Just stop by the shop and take a look at our new inventory for some ideas.

WORK Wheels has released a few new models for the beginning of the 2011 season in various sizes and unique finishes.

2011 Work Wheels

If you’re looking to purchase new wheels for the upcoming season, give us a call or e-mail and we’ll be glad to help you find the perfect wheel in the perfect fit & finish. We can also still get classic Work Wheels such as the ever-popular VS-XX, Equips, Meister 2 & 3 Pieces and much more.

Work Wheels USA

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