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We have our newest wheel from the BBS CK line up now in stock. If you see any BBS wheels you are interested in (including the ever-famous LM and LM-R), don’t hesitate to contact us. We carry the entire BBS line up and offer them at competitive pricing.




BBS CK — One-piece cast wheel. Weight optimized by FEM analysis. Available finishes DSK. POK, 18”, 19”, 20”.
BBS CK Silver Specs: 18×8 +43 5×114.3
NOTE: Lug nuts are included with wheels!

These wheels have been added to our Wheel Inventory page.

We have received our new inventory of Spoon Sports parts. Some of our exciting new products include the Spoon 4-Piston Monoblock calipers and Blue Wide-Angle mirrors.

Spoon Sports Parts

Spoon 4-Piston Monoblock Caliper Specs/Info

The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for Honda applications. Unlike other 4-pot calipers, Spoon calipers are direct fit and are designed to work with the stock brake system, including the ABS. Spoon calipers use stock Honda size brake pads, which gives users incredible flexibility in choosing pads. The 4-pot calipers significantly improve both high speed braking and brake pedal feel and its consistency during track use. The 4-pot design also makes pad wear more even and minimizes rotor warpage. The aluminum construction also helps reduce unsprung weight significantly. These benefits are achieved while maintaining a stock feel for daily driving. Spoon calipers are manufactured by Nissin, the OE supplier of all Honda brakes.

In stock for RSX and S2000

Spoon Blue Wide-Angle Mirror

The Spoon blue wide mirror is an add on piece to the stock rear-view mirror and provides a greatly improved field of vision. It is a convex design, providing more than 30% wider vision. It has a blue tint which reduces glare and improves clarity.

Available for Honda Fit (GE8), Honda Civic (FD2, EK9), Acura TSX (CL9, CL7), Acura Integra (DC2, DC5) and Honda S2000

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And, as usual, we have a wide assortment of universal Spoon Sports accessories such as shift knobs, radiator caps, antennas and much more.

We’re having a sale on our popular ARC Lumen HID kits! Each kit includes Bulbs, Harness and Slim Ballast for a quick and painless install on most vehicles. These HID kits come with an in-house, 12 month warranty. If anything should go wrong with these kits, simply bring it back to us and we will gladly exchange the faulty part for a brand new one. Pricing is set to fit everyone’s budget. Upgrade your lighting today!

ARC Lumen

ARC Lumen

ARC Bulb Application:
Xenon: H1 / H3 / H4 / H7 / H8 / H9 / H10 / H11 / H13 / 9004 / 9005 / 9006 / 9007 / 880 / 881
Bi-Xenon: H4 / H13 / 9004 / 9007
OEM Xenon: D2C / D1S / D4S

ARC Lumen Website

We just received another EXCLUSIVE wheel – Volk CE28N Genesis Edition. There are only 500 sets of this finish made worldwide, and we managed to pick up a set of these wheels. Each wheel comes with a special edition Genesis sticker that attaches to the spoke of the wheel. We have wicked pricing on these wheels.

Genesis CE28N

Genesis CE28N

Genesis CE28N

Volk Racing CE28N Genesis (Burnt Silver) Specs: 18×9 +35 5×114.3 Forged Monoblock

The wheel has been added to our Wheel Inventory page.


Advan RS – Gold – 18×9 +29 5×114.3

Rays G-Games 99B – Gunmetal w. Polished Lip – 18×7.5 +48 5×100

Volk Racing GT-S – Diamond Black – F: 19×9.5 +17 R: 19×10.5 +18 5×114.3, 350Z/G35 Fitment

Rays 57Motorsport G07WT – Winning Blue – 17×9 +45 5×114.3

You can view these wheels in our Wheel Inventory page.

We’re happy to announce that we are now carrying the HSD line of Coilovers. To promote these coilovers, we are offering them at extremely competitive pricing. We have a big selection in stock for different applications.

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What are HSD Coilovers?
HSD Coilovers are the “own brand” coilovers of HD Systems, a company with over 20 years of experience with Monotube dampers and the manufacturers behind the coilovers of some of the very best suspension brands worldwide.

HSD Coilovers use a very well respected and proven Monotube damper design combined with high quality hardware. This level of quality and performance is usually found on much more expensive suspension products. This is high end competition winning suspension available direct from the factory at affordable prices.

What cars are HSD Coilovers suitable for?
HSD coilovers are suitable for any car where driving performance and enjoyment need improving. Because of the wide range of height and damping settings achievable, our coilovers are just as suitable for daily drivers driven on the road as they are for full-on track cars.

They are also excellent for Drifting use and are fitted to some of the very best Drift cars in Europe.

HSD Coilover Specifications
The HSD HR coilover is exactly what the performance tuning scene has been crying out for. No longer do you have to accept an inferior/compromised product when spending less than $2,500 on coilover suspension.

The HSD HR has been specced by HSD Europe, for our roads, and tracks, with the knowledge and experience gained by HSD Europe using the now world famous Driftworks Control System Coilover made by HSD.

HSD Coilovers use a very well respected and proven Monotube damper design combined with high quality hardware. This level of quality and performance is usually found on much more expensive suspension products. This is high end competition winning suspension available direct from the factory at affordable prices.

High Quality Monotube Dampers
Due to the excellent handling characteristics of our Monotube dampers, HSD coilovers give a supple, sporty and perfectly damped ride.

They soak up bumps and jolts effortlessly, yet firm up when needed to give exceptional roadholding and handling on fast road and track.

Cheaper aftermarket dampers use a twin-tube design with low pressure gas whereas our Monotube damper design uses large diameter pistons and a much higher gas pressure to better stabilise the oil within, even under extreme and prolonged use.

Height Adjustment
Ride height is fully adjustable on all our coilovers by adjusting where the mounting bracket sits on the damper.

This means a very wide range of height adjustment is possible without affecting the spring pre-load or the damper stroke length. So whether you want sporty or totally slammed, you still get the full performance of the damper.

Fully Adjustable Damping
Our 16 Stage damping adjustment allows quick, easy and accurate control of the damping so you can tune it to suit your style and setup.

Set to soft for your daily drive, then quickly switch to hard for track days or competition use.

Skunk2 Racing Promo
Available for: Honda S2000, 94-01 Integra GS-R, 06+ Civic Si, 92-00 Civic, 02-05 Civic, 02-06 RSX, 07-08 Fit, EVO 7-9, 01-07 WRX.

Limited time offer, while inventory lasts.

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