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Our customer’s “Godzilla” 3.2L Stroker 1,600 WHP capable R32 GTR.

Nissan Skyline GTR R32

Anthony Deguzman’s SEMA 2014 Trophy Winning Supra laying down some big numbers on our dyno. Book your dyno tuning appointment today!

Anthony Deguzman Toyota Supra SEMA


There has been much speculation as to whether or not we have expanded our business with a dyno and dyno tuning service. The simple answer is “Yes”!

Dynojet Dyno

We are proud to announce that after months of careful planning and discussion with Dynojet, Speed Factor Racing now has a Dynojet 2WD in-ground chassis dyno installed and fully operational. We will be offering full dyno tuning services as well as benchmark services for all 2WD vehicles.

Don’t worry AWD guys! We didn’t forget about you! There are already plans in the works to be able to tune you guys at a later date.

Our Dynojet is installed in-ground to accommodate even the lowest of vehicles and can handle up to 2,000 whp! All of our dyno tuning and testing is performed by Danny Dunning from Overboost Sport Tuning. Danny has tuned some of the quickest vehicles in the city and owns an 800 whp H22A EK Civic hatchback often seen at Gimli during the summer months.

Dynojet Model 224xLC


– Measures up to 2000 + hp and 200mph
– This Model 224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and loaded roll-on
– Closed loop load testing is also available by targeting engine RPM, speed or percentage of load
– Dynamometer Chassis (drums, shaft, bearings, etc.)
– Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, Torque Cell, and dynamic load control software. Perform loaded tests, including step, sweep, and wind drag simulation.
– WinPEP7 Software and Hardware to interface (PC, printer, etc. not included)
– Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, humidity)
– Ignition Wire Inductive Tachometer Pickup Leads
– Air Actuated Brake System
– Remote Software and Brake Control From Driver’s Seat

We will Dyno any 2WD vehicle that can be successfully tied to our Dynojet dyno. Front wheel drive cars, Rear wheel drive cars, Diesel trucks, etc. We have purchased EVERY optional sensor and module offered from Dynojet to make sure your tune is done safely and reliably… as well as make POWER!

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our website with Dyno tuning information as well as all the documents required to have signed before tuning.

Stay tuned!

Jennifer Nguyen / Speed Factor Racing

What an amazing line up of cars at this year’s Driven Winnipeg 2011 event. Congratulations to all the winners!

Get the flash player here:

We’d like to thank the organizers of Driven, the lovely Jennifer Nguyen and most importantly, our customers. Without your support this would not be possible! We hope to see more vehicles and current cars again at the next Driven Winnipeg event.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, popular tuning company HKS USA closes it’s doors by the end of August 2011.


Citing poor market conditions HKS USA, formerly one of the largest aftermarket JDM performance companies in the country, is ceasing U.S. operations after nearly three decades in business. A letter obtained by Jalopnik shows the company will consolidate its work to Japan.

A letter from HKS to its dealers and vendors went out this afternoon, much to the surprise of companies who have been using HKS parts for decades. The letter blames the move on the slow economic recovery, a shrinking aftermarket, the U.S. Dollar, and the disaster in Japan.

The company will continue to sell parts to the United States, but all operations will be transferred to HKS Co. Ltd. in Japan while HKS USA is folded.

Article By Jalopnik

We are still able to get HKS parts, however wait times and prices may increase once USA stock has been sold.


HKS Price Increase

What a busy month for us with installs! We’re doing 2 motor swap simultaneously and other various installs on the side.

Project 1: K20R Swapped Integra w. Wire Tuck




Project 2: B18C1 Swapped Civic

Can you beleive this Civic came to us as an automatic single cam? Our installers swapped in a JDM GS-R and converted the vehicle to manual. Also requested from the customer was to retain power steering and air conditioning which was converted over as well. Everything works 100% with no error codes or check engine lights, just as how it should have come from the factory!




If you’d like any installs (suspension, exhausts, clutches, remote starters, etc.) or swaps done, feel free to contact us.

We’re now able to cut decals. We have high-quality vinyl in Silver, Blue, White and Purple with more colours arriving.


We can also design car show placards or graphics for vehicles. Each decal comes with an easy to apply transfer paper to make application to surfaces quick and painless. Stop by the shop and see what kind of graphics we can cut for you.

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