Driven Winnipeg 2011 Photos

Author: Speed Factor

Jennifer Nguyen / Speed Factor Racing

What an amazing line up of cars at this year’s Driven Winnipeg 2011 event. Congratulations to all the winners!

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We’d like to thank the organizers of Driven, the lovely Jennifer Nguyen and most importantly, our customers. Without your support this would not be possible! We hope to see more vehicles and current cars again at the next Driven Winnipeg event.

10 Responses to “Driven Winnipeg 2011 Photos”

  1. AL says:

    Want to send me a hi-res copy of the pic of Jennifer with my car, and the one with her and Dave’s car?

    That’d be awesome!

  2. Speed Factor says:

    E-mail sent to you Al.

  3. Danville says:

    hi can i have a copy of a hi res pic of my white s2k pls thanks.

  4. Speed Factor says:

    Sure thing Danville.

  5. Eseyee says:

    Bro whats that thing in front of that silver si coupe with green/lime rims? is that deffuser? or something.. want one.

  6. Speed Factor says:

    E-mail sent to you.

  7. Danvilel Dingel says:

    hi guys can you send me a hi res pic of johnsons car pllllsss…thanks


  8. Kirbyb says:

    hi, Yea what is that infront of the civic with the green rims. i want one too..

  9. Speed Factor says:

    You have an e-mail Kirby.

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