GP Racing Wheels Are Back! Pre-Order Special

Author: Speed Factor

GP Racing wheels are now available again for the 2011 season. We have complete sets of each wheel coming in for stock including the limited edition colours!

Special pre-order pricing is available.

Inspired by speed and engineered with passion, GP Racing Wheels are the ultimate choice for any tuner enthusiast. Designed to compliment tuner cars, GP Racing Wheels are crafted using premium aluminum ingots from Dubai and is complete with an unrivalled finish, featuring a 3-step process which includes powdercoating, paint and laquer finish. The result? A wheel that truly embraces performance.

GP Racing Wheels

GP Racing GR 1, GP Racing GR 2, GP Racing GR3, GP Racing GR 4, GP Racing GR 5, GP Racing GR 6, GP Racing GR 7, GP Racing GR 8.

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