XXR 526 & 527 Pre-Order

Author: Speed Factor

XXR has released two new wheels for this upcoming season. The first wheel, the 527, promotes a deep concave design that is an original design to XXR. The second wheel wheel, the 526, offers a large and deep polished lip.

XXR 526 / XXR 527 Wheels

XXR 527: Super Stretch

  • All new deep concave wheel design featuring the most unique wheel widths on the market.
  • Extra wide wheel width and precise offset pairing allow for massive tire stretch fitment.
  • Super light weight multi spoke design with major X-Factor property to clear large break calipers on all cars including EVO and STI.
  • Available in Gold, Matte Black and Chromium Black.

XXR 526: Hundred Dollar Deep

  • Extreme widths featuring the latest in technologically advanced XDP chrome lip design.
  • Two-piece construction technology.
  • Triple plated chrome lip.
  • Maximum staggered sizes include a 5.5 inch lip.
  • Wheel offsets are carefully calculated to coincide with the specific wheel size to ensure a true flush fitment.

We are taking pre-orders for these two wheels AND will be throwing in free Drop Engineering Lug nuts at no additional charge with every order.

2 Responses to “XXR 526 & 527 Pre-Order”

  1. Pliccaid says:

    1993 Lexus gs300
    The vehicle is lowered, and I want to run a stagger set up with the widest in the rears . My question is how wide is the wisest xxr 526? I’m guessing 18×10.5, how deep is the dish/ lip as compare to a 18×9.5? These are the sizes I’m plan on runnin but I want the max negative offset I can get . I’m rollIng and pulling my fender and will be running a little camber VIP style. Please let me know.
    $ 18×9.5F
    $ 18×10.5R

  2. Speed Factor says:

    E-mail sent to you.

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