We’re Going GREEN! Green RPF1 That Is!

Author: Speed Factor

Another EXCLUSIVE wheel to Speed Factor!

Limited Edition RPF1

Limited Edition RPF1

Limited Edition RPF1

We finally have our hands on a set of limited edition Enkei RPF1. This limited green colour is a short production run and we have managed to get the only set in Western Canada. The Enkei RPF1 is a lightweight motorsports wheel that has been proven to be competitive enough to run with forged monoblock wheels – at a fraction of the price! You won’t believe how inexpensive this limited edition wheel is. E-Mail us or stop by the shop for more details.

Limited Edition Enkei RPF1 Green Specs: 15×7, 4×100 +41 Offset
MAT Technology Construction – http://www.enkei.com/technology.html

The wheel has been added to our Wheel Inventory page.

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