JDM Hamp Filters Available

Author: Speed Factor

We’ve just received our large shipment of the popular SMALL JDM Hamp Filters.

These filters are extremely popular with the Honda/Acura crowd because of it’s construction.

JDM Hamp Filters

Hamp filters are designed to keep a more constant Oil Pressure, and raises oil pressure by about 5 psi.

Hamp is Honda’s Japanese aftermarket product “Hamp Synergy”. The Hamp Synergy are set up after the Honda original parts products. These can be used on any Honda, but are specifically designed with Type R, and Type S vehicles in mind. Features to this item include a unique release valve that dynamically adjusts to the conditions within the filter to keep the flow and pressure constant. The HAMP oil filter will last longer and filter better than any other filter on the market. An item that is a definite must have for any B series or K series high performance high revving VTEC/iVTEC motors!

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